Turn Back the Sun


What is this?
“Turn Back the Sun” is a reimagining of the 1988 cult film “Space Mutiny” in comic form. If you’re not familiar with “Space Mutiny” don’t sweat it. This was written to stand on its own and should be an exciting sci-fi story regardless. If you are interested in watching the movie so you’re in on the jokes, I highly recommend the MST3k screening that made it (in)famous. If you hate people talking over movies, the film in its original state is available on Amazon Prime.
Is this a joke?
No? Kind of? This was an idea my brother and I had almost 10 years ago and then dropped. I decided to revisit it in 2018 and spent the whole year writing the script, working on character and set design, and laying out the pages. The pages themselves take 8-10 hours to draw each and I expect the whole thing to take another three years or so to produce. If this is a joke, it’s on me.
So this is fanfiction.
Technically, I guess so.
Sorry, I just can’t take this seriously.
I totally understand. Sometimes I lie awake and wonder how I ended up here. Devoting all my free time to Space Mutiny fanfiction. Life is a mystery.
The science in this is pretty unrealistic.
I did my best, but ultimately I wanted to focus on the interpersonal aspect more than super accurate science fiction. I chose not to take up pages explaining things like; how the ship is still running, how they produce clothing or replace broken supplies, how they eat and breathe... and other science facts.
Is ‘x’ going to be in this?
Every character from the original movie is in TBTS, even many of the unnamed extras. The Corvus crew have replaced the Space Pirates, if you were wondering about them.
Wait… even the Bellerians?
Get excited.
You changed something/added characters and that upsets me.
This isn’t Citizen Kane, mate. It’s Space Mutiny.